About Us

Here at Battery Hookup we strive to cut down the costs for lithium batteries for everyone. We believe in saving batteries and reusing them before they end up going to a refinery or overseas. In turn, we strive to use these precious resources for powerwalls, EV, and many other purposes, to stray away from factors that harm our environment, such as gas/using too much electricity. Going green is something we aim for every single day. We are family-owned and operated. We started 3 years ago in the basement of a hair salon with no money at all, just myself (Tom) and my brother, and we have made a lot of significant strides in the right direction and made the most out of what we had to grow to where we are today to help out people all over the world. Our customers are mainly the DIY community, people who build their own EV, powerwalls, ebikes, car audio, and just about anything you can think of. We are very passionate about what we do here, and we hope to make an impact on this world one day at a time. 

We are one of the greenest renewable energy companies on earth. Great prices, fast shipping, and amazing reputation. We are also a Top Rated seller on Ebay known as "alarmhookup"