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Battery Hookup

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All BMS preorders have been received and are shipping today and tomorrow (2/25 & 2/26). Sorry for the slight delay, the Coronavirus was unexpected and we wanted the BMS units to quarantine for a few days just to be on the safe side.
Finally!!! An affordable 12v lifepo4 BMS with a low temperature cutoff that actually works! Protect your lifepo4 battery investment with this reliable BMS that will disengage charging your batteries in freezing weather and avoid damage to your batteries. You can also adjust all the settings to fit your needs. We ship every day from our family owned and operated Pennsylvania warehouse.
This is the BMS Will Prowse tested on his YouTube channel and you can adjust all the parameters to fit your needs.
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Here are brand new, 4s lifepo4 100a SMART BMS units with Bluetooth included. This BMS has low temperature cutoff which is programmable. You can set all the parameters, over charge, over discharge, low temp cutoff, etc directly from your smart phone.
It is very important for lifepo4 batteries to have a low temp cutoff because you can destroy your batteries by charging them in freezing temperatures. It was hard for us to find a BMS with all the features people want so we had to get one modified.
This BMS is built solid and comes with 2 10 gauge positive and 2 10 gauge negative silicone wires. The overall construction is built to last.