Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Warning: When handling batteries, always use proper precautions, and follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Improper usage, storage and/or alteration of any rechargeable batteries may result in temporary or permanent damage to batteries, and can result in a fire or an explosion causing serious personal injury. Any mishandling, storage, dismantling, alteration or abuse of our batteries is not the obligation of Battery Hookup.

By purchasing any Battery Hookup product, the buyer assumes the risks associated with the use of the product. If you do not agree with these conditions, please return the product to us immediately before use.

- Please realize that batteries might cause damage like leaking, fire or explosion when misused.
- When charging the battery, please put the battery in a fireproof container. Always charge in an isolated area, away from other flammable materials such as wood, carpet, paper, etc.
- Batteries present a fire risk when over-charged, short-circuited, submerged in water, or if they are damaged.
- Always follow the manufacturer’s use and care instructions and all applicable laws and regulations.

Safety instructions: You must read these safety instructions and warnings before using or charging your battery. - When building a battery pack or charger always have it inspected by a licensed electrician or rechargeable battery professional.

- Keep all batteries and battery packs out of the reach of children.
- Do not use batteries that are damaged, peeling, punctured, dented, or cosmetically altered.
- Do not charge the battery unattended. You should remain in constant observation to monitor the charging process and to react to potential problems that may occur.
- Keep the battery clean and dry.
- Keep the battery in an enclosure to protect it from damage by liquid, accident, or dropping it from height accidentally.
- Do not expose batteries to moisture, direct sunlight, or unsafe temperatures.
- In the event the battery leaks and the fluid gets into one’s eye, do not rub the eye. Rinse well with water and immediately seek medical care. If left untreated, the battery fluid could cause damage to the eye.

Disclaimer: You consent to having a thorough and detailed understanding of batteries and/or chargers and any item found within this site. You also agree that by purchasing and utilizing this product, you are assenting to take full responsibility and sole liability for the purchase and use of this product. You agree to release and hold harmless Battery Hookup Inc, its shareholders, employees, officers, agents, representatives and all affiliates from any claims for personal injury, property damage or other loss which may occur due to the use of this product. Any improper use, modification, storage, handling, protection, or other utilization of the battery or other product is not the responsibility of Battery Hookup Inc.

You also agree that all batteries and battery related accessories purchased are for upcycling reuse in solar energy storage applications. You are responsible to take end of life lithium batteries to separate recycling or household hazardous waste collection points. You agree not to send end of life lithium batteries to a landfill or put them in the regular trash.