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Customer DIY Projects & Builds

Need inspiration? You've come to the right place!

A collection featuring customer projects and builds using batteries and/or accessories from Battery Hookup! We have some of the smartest and most creative customers and rarely get to see how and where our batteries are getting used— We created this page for the DIY community to showcase your builds!

Want to be featured on this page? Please email us pictures of your project and/or tag us on Instagram or Facebook using @batteryhookupinc & #batteryhookup 

Happy building!


Here is an awesome project by Steven Rowland. 2000 Ford Escape hybrid lifepo4 upgrade with Headways.

Michael Strike built an awesome 48v battery for his solar system with 18650 cells from recycled medical packs.

Another awesome Kweld Headway project by Youtuber James Biggar. Be sure to check out his video and subscribe to his channel. He has some awesome project videos.

Video Link below


An awesome Kweld power supply using our used Headway Cells. They are in a 3s4p configuration and they can supply 1400amp in a burst.

Used this Battery Pack Planner Tool:

-Bryan Sacks, Ohio, USA



14s200p of our 2600mAh modem batteries with a few Ring cells in the mix totaling over 20 kWh. Two 100a BMS' in parallel using XT90 connectors to series packs. Powering his entire home connected to MPP Solar LVX 6048 and 5810 watts of solar panels. 

-Mark Robinson, St. Catherine, Jamaica



Our 25ah Topband cells in a 16s1p configuration for 48v 25ah. 3D printed casing. Just beautiful!

-Graham Gray, Exeter, United Kingdom


a 48v 32ah battery powering a Honda 2005 CRF250X dirt bike using our Headway cells

-Edward Merlock, PA, USA


A 24v bank, roughly 9.5 kWh of energy storage built out of our 25ah Topband cells. This replaces the worn out lead acid bank that he has been using for the past 8 years. Each of the 4 modules is 2s15p. These are built with 1/4” aluminum end plates and tensions rods with springs to get reasonable compression on the cells. The bus bars are machined out of 1"x1/4” and 2”x1/8” copper to handle 300A continuous loads. The cells are all monitored by a Batrium BMS which is fully integrated with the Victron inverter and solar charge controller via CAN Bus. Everything is fit into a salvaged industrial control panel. Since taking the lead acid bank offline and installing these 4 weeks ago. He has not had to start the generator!

-Ian Anderson, Massachusetts, USA



Four of our 32Ah used LiFePO4 batteries in parallel for a 128Ah 12V RV battery.  Bus bars are 3/8 copper tubing hammered flat. 

-Alex Tatistcheff, Idaho, USA




A 16s5p battery pack made easy using our Cell Level Nickel Fuse

-Wolfgang Attwenger, Maine, USA 


 Easy 48v system powering a house using our Chevy Bolt batteries

-Darren Orange, Illinois, USA


 A 4s10p battery pack using our 8ah Headway batteries

-Craig Martin, Ontario, Canada


 A 12s50p battery pack using our LG 2600mAh 18650s from modem batteries

-Mike Reed, Utah, USA


A 280 kWh system built with Nissan Leaf cells. This is coupled to a DYI 40Kw solar system. Installed into a surplus Military shelter that is EMP resistant. Took a huge 5000 square foot house off grid! WOW!!!

-William Bryce, Tennessee, USA


 A 28.8v 8s48p solar battery using our 36v A123 battery packs

-Lou Little, Utah, USA


A 7s11p battery pack using 18650s from our 20 cell Salvage Sanyo battery packs. He has an engraving business and used his engravings on this pack. Talk about a one of a kind project!

-Kevin Lyon, Oregon, USA



Ryobi P102 battery pack reviver/balancer made of 5x TP4056 chargers and 5x 5v power supply boards. This will revive and charge any of our P102 packs and also show if there are any dead cells in the pack. Super innovative!

-Alex Tatistcheff, Idaho, USA


A 7s battery for a DIY portable bookshelf speaker and a dual USB charger using our 3.7V 4.4ah 16.28WH w/ BMS with wires

-Conrad Portelli, Ontario, Canada


A 25p14s3p powerwall powering a house with a Batrium BMS system using 1,050 of our SPIM08HP cells. SO much power!

-Chris Adams, California, USA


A 7s2p battery made from 7 of our LG Chem 3.6v 120ah modules. He made the original tabs on the modules thicker and stronger using aluminum & copper plates. Super smart! 

-Amir Barenholtz, Holon, Israel


A 14s 8ah cheap battery upgrade for this electric pit bike using our SPIM08HP cells

-Dawson Reckinger, Nebraska, USA


Two 14s3p 52v stacks powering a house using 3 of our 36v Chevy Bolt LG Chem batteries...nearly 30kWh!

-Chris Rice, California, USA


A backup battery bank for a reef fish tank using our 8ah Headway cells

-Wes Ferrell, Arizona, USA


Our 3.6v 120ah LG Chem modules powering a house

-Alfredo Bosques, Moca, Puerto Rico


A 20s electric dirt bike battery using our SPIM08HP cells

-Denny Raul, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


A 6s6p 260wh configuration battery powering a flashlight with a 100W 9000 Lumes LED with our 2200mAh 18650 Sanyo cells

-Mike Grether, Switzerland



Two 14s13p 1.4kwh 'ammo can batteries' made using our modem batteries. Cell level 40 gauge fuse wires are soldered onto the cells directly.  Bus bars are copper wire with rubber hose between each fuse wire to space the bus bars above the cells.  The batteries are built as 7s13p, taped to a plywood board, and then stacked into the can.

-Bryan LaPlante, California, USA


Our 180ah CALB Prismatic batteries all hooked up

-William Buehler, North Carolina, USA


A 20s2p battery pack powering an electric bike using out SPIM08HP cells. 164.5 amps or 12,327 watts @ 64mph

-Joel Williams, Washington, USA


A 7s24v 3 kilowatt battery pack power box intended to power a Sprinter van RV for all the power and solar needs. Using our LG Chem 3.6v 120ah modules. 

-Jordan Harrison, California, USA



A battery pack for an electric chopper bike using our 3.6v LG Chem modules

-Yosi Haim Cohen, Israel


Our Samsung 8s medical batteries wired in parallel in ammo cans for close to 250ah. These will be hooked up to a mpp 2000 watt all in one inverter placed in a cabinet with every thing neatly tucked away for emergency use during rolling blackouts and power outages

-Eric Maness, CA, USA


36 kWh 14s 48V system using our 120ah LG Chem modules

-Milton Sanders, CA, USA



A portable power station using our OP4026 Ryobi power tool batteries

-Daniel Barradas, New York, USA



Honda TRX 125 GM alternator converted to permanent magnet motor

Battery 1: 14s battery using our SPIM08HP cells

Battery 2: 16s battery using our Headway 38120 cells

-Jack Hudson, Sanger, CA



An electric roadster powered by our SPIM08HP cells. So cool.

-Terry Heinze, West Virginia, USA



A 14s7p 52v 20ah battery powering an ebike using our LG 2600 mAh 18650 from modem batteries and our shrink wrap

-Gary Manners, British Columbia, Canada



Project1:  80 cell, 18650 battery packs for a ham radio shack.  He designed and printed plastic housings for them.  They can be removed from the stack and used for portable power whenever he needs them. 

Project 2: A 1.3kWh pack using the 2200mAh lithium polymer batteries.  He designed and printed a different housing with a handle to make it easier to carry.

-John Gregel, Ohio, USA




A pack using 100 of our 2600 mAh 18650 modem batteries to be added in series to a Tesla model S battery module . This raises the voltage from 25 to 29 to use in a solar power system. The positive connections are made with magnets to avoid spot welding or soldering.

-Russell Linzmeire



A 7S20P battery using our modem batteriesnickel fuse, and 7s 60A DALY BMS.

-Umair Ashraf, Illinois, USA



Our 36v A123 module powering the kWeld Spotwelder! The module was reconfigured into a 14.4 volt 4s12p pack. For more details on this build visit this link Inexpensive & SUPER Battery for Kweld

-Mike Inglett, Florida, USA



Our BP-TCA 12/2510 SN 3.7V 4.4ah packs w/ BMS powering this portable and watertight / shock resistant solar battery bank (3S 10P roughly 350W with inverter lower voltage threshold loss) with 20A HQST MPPT charge controller and 500W pure sine wave inverter in a convenient package that is fully portable and scalable for everything from a small home solar array (4x 100W panels in parallel) to vehicle mounted solar all the way to fitting in a pack for backpacking with a small 25W solar panel. Custom 3D printed BMS holder, custom 3D printed shock resistant TPU coverings for the individual battery packs in the 3S arrangement, over engineered cables, convenient circuit breaker, ready for the apocalypse if need be. 

-Jackson Qu, California, USA



An electric motorcycle powered by our Nissan Leaf modules

-Hunter Leonard, New York, USA



 A 7s3p battery using 210 salvaged 18650 batteries averaging 2500 to 2600 mAh, using our Cell-level Nickel Fuse with a Daly 100amp continuous BMS 100amp fuse with battery voltage meter

-Kenneth Hite, Illinois, USA


A 48v battery for an ebike using our modem batteries

-Bucker Garlo, Great Britain



A 14s2P 48v system using our 120ah LG Chem modules with a 14s Daly BMS

-Ken Maobi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



A solar generator using our 21.6v 46ah 6s18p 108 2550mah 18650 cell module with BMS

-Harris Idiens, British Columbia, Canada


A 225ah battery powering an RV using our 3s BMW batteries and replacing deep cell lead acid batteries. 

-Jerry Trantow, Wisconsin, USA



Our 25ah LiFePO4 Navitas Topband cells 

"Their size and energy density allow me to put them in a Harbor Freight Apache 1800 case and have 25Ah at 13.1v to support my ham radio field operations.  The cost of building this battery box is a bit less than ½ the price of buying a LiFePO4 battery with a built in BMS that doesn’t have a case or an Anderson Powerpole port."
-Mike Rosenberg, Indiana, USA



A battery mounting board PCB with onboard +5V boost converter made with our BP TCA 12/2510 battery

-Jonathan Conley, Utah, USA



A DIY ebike battery powered by our recycled 2250mah Molicel cells

-Billie Tyree, North Carolina, USA


A V2 mini powered with our K2 3800mah 26650 cells in 4S4P configuration in the Harbor Freight Apache small case

-Dan Donley, California, USA



Two 36v ebike batteries that get 20-25 miles per charged made from our recycled 18650 cells

-Timothy Watson, North Carolina, USA


2kWh portable power supply, 7 28p 3.7v 75ah battery pack using 2600-2800mah batteries from our modem packs in series with our nickel fuse to make a 24v battery, with 100a BMS, 20a MPPT charge controller 800w pure sine wave inverter.

-Kenneth Hite, Illinois, USA



A perfect 6v lantern battery using our 32650 Battery Hookup cells in a 2s2p configuration. These are powering both a deer feeder to feed the wildlife and a fish feeder for his pond, both of which use 6v lantern batteries.

-Ken Kelly, Texas, USA


A 13s6p battery pack using our Sigmas Tek 2600 18650 cells powering an ebike. The 4p pack that he purchased with the banana motor only gave him an effective range of 25 miles. The pack he created with our batteries now gets him almost 90 miles (in parallel) with the original battery. Awesome!

-Mike Hrycyk, Delaware, USA



1.5 KW fireproof module powerboard using our 18650 modem batteries and metal enclosures. With 20 amp buck converter for solar panel input

-John Serafano, Kentucky, USA



A 36v 500wh ebike battery made from our recycled modem batteries

-Timothy Watson, North Carolina, USA 



Our 12v 40ah Valence batteries powering a solar shed

-Rafael Encarnacion, New York, USA


A 7s8p battery in an ammo can using our 3.75V 5000mah 18.75 cells. Just some 6-row, 28-column PCB project strips, 14ga solid copper wire, and heat shrink crimped blade receivers all wrapped in Kapton make each of his 3.75v 40Ah (8x5Ah) cells.

-Adam Noel, California, USA


A 14s300p battery bank using our Ring batteries

-Adam Ullevig, Arizona, USA



A 16s2p battery pack for an ebike using our SPIM08HP cells

-Melvin Mcdowell, Illinois, USA


A solar generator using 10 of our 14.4v 6.6ah 95.04wh Li-Ion Module with BMS  battery packs wired in parallel

-Skyler Guest, Texas, USA


A trolling motor pack made with a case of our K2 26650 batteries.
8s15p built in a triangle shape to drop into a forward compartment. Custom built fiberglass box. 24v with about 60 amp rating. 

-Richard Kares, Washington, USA


A 24v portable solar generator using our Topband LiFePO4 batteries.
In the box there is a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter up to 4000 watts with a steap down from 24v to 12v for usb and other car functions 

-Fernando Davila, Pennsylvania, USA


Three of our 4v cells keeping a monitor going during a power outage. The monitor’s external power supply puts out 12 volts and keeps the battery charged. The custom 3S2P PCB uses 5-pin strip headers (Mouser P/N 517-9511058622-AR) that mate with the battery connectors.
The standard DC connector pigtails mate with the monitor.

-Kenneth Castleman, Texas, USA




10s3p packs using our SPIM08HP cells built into a trike that has earned it's nickname of "Wheelie".
Each motor is rated for 800watts, and the SPIM0HP battery packs sure move this along.

-Elvin Deshazer, Washington, USA


A 450ah 12v solar battery using our 25ah LiFePO4 Topband cells

-Guy Teribery, Pennsylvania, USA



Our modem batteries powering a light for 80 hours now

-James Zimmerman, Michigan, USA



A 12v DIY Solar generator powered by our 14.4v 6.6ah 95.04wh Li-Ion Module with BMS

-John Kargbo, Minnesota, USA


A beautiful battery bank using our 8ah Headway batteries

-Jason Mazingo  


Our Battery Hookup 12v 100ah modules in a large NoCo battery box

-John Reynolds, Arkansas, USA


A replacement battery in an ammo box using our LiFePO4 25ah Topband batteries

-Raymond Lohengrin, Florida, USA


A 13s30p battery pack using our Cell Level Nickel Fuse

-Stephen Fuller, Arizona, USA


63 of our 8ah SPIM08HP cells in a 21s3p configuration powering a 1998 YZF600 Thundercat. 800 amp controller, 32 hp, 300 ft lbs of torque

-Joel Williams, Washington, USA


Two of our 24v SPIM08HP Power Modules connected in series for a 48v setup

-Tim Mayville, New Mexico, USA



Our SAB 3.2v 55ah 176wh 60280 batteries in Telect seismic relay racks

-SMF, Missouri, USA



8 of our 14s 48v LG Chem packs were used to build a 384 volt system that feeds an APC SURT8000 UPS -- the UPS expects two 192v packs (-192v/+192v) with ground in the middle (diagram attached), which requires a somewhat unique BMS setup. The original lead-acid batteries are completely removed.

-Michael Pratte, Texas, USA


A beautiful battery bank using our SAB 60280 cells

-Thomas Sawyer