About Us & Our Story

About Us

Here at Battery Hookup we repurpose millions of lithium batteries every year for use in off-grid solar storage applications. While focusing on lowering the costs of lithium batteries for everyone we strive to create solutions to fight the electronic waste epidemic. Additionally, we focus on bringing awareness to the electronic waste epidemic by empowering the DIY community to take advantage of second life batteries. 

By doing so, we not only help the DIY Community save money, but we also help out our environment in more ways than one. Sadly, millions of batteries go to waste and end up in a landfill or get shipped overseas where they go into a refinery. That's where we step in and create opportunities for reuse. Not only are we saving these precious batteries, but the applications in which they are reused also help our environment. From electric skateboards to powering a house to powering a car, our batteries impact our world in a positive way.

The future is batteries. To put things into perspective, gas cars have a tank-to-wheel energy efficiency of around 25% compared to electric vehicles around 75%. When gas burns out it is 100% gone. When batteries die 95-99% of them can be used to make more batteries. There is no comparison.

To accomplish our goal of creating solutions to fight the electronic waste epidemic we want to be your one stop shop for all of your DIY battery building needs. From used electric vehicle modules to 18650 batteries, there's something for everyone to explore no matter how advanced you are with DIY batteries. We are empowering individuals to save money and do it themselves.

Click HERE to see some awesome applications that our customers made over the years.

Our Story

Tom Amerman, our CEO, is a minimalist and always had a passion for sustainability and reuse. While being in the alarm industry for years, he stumbled upon thousands of used AA and AAA batteries, in which he ended up repurposing by sorting through and testing them. His findings resulted in more than 90% of the batteries having close to 100% life in them still. This made a lightbulb go off in his head where he asked himself "How many good batteries in this world are just going to waste after a few uses?" 

This simple thought led him to seek out pallets of used power tool batteries that he also found out had tons of life still left in them. He discovered that some of them were good as new and some of them could be salvaged for the 18650 cells inside of them. This is where he realized that the future is batteries.

With the vision for a sustainable future for renewable energy, Tom started off in the basement of a hair salon in 2016 with his two younger brothers and a few of his friends repurposing and selling AA, AAA, power tool, and hoverboard batteries. Since then, he has made significant strides in the recycling industry, and Battery Hookup now has two warehouses in Bensalem, Pennsylvania filled with batteries. With the help and support of the DIY Community, Tom's vision has come to life and he has managed to give millions of batteries a new life.