Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
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200 AA Alkaline Batteries + Free Tester
200 AA Alkaline Batteries + Free Tester
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200 AA Alkaline Batteries + Free Tester

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These are currently selling faster than we can produce boxes each day. If you see these sold out we will add more to inventory every 2 days.

You get a box filled with 200 AA alkaline batteries plus a free battery tester for only $10!

All of these batteries were recovered from returned and overstock electronics. We keep mostly unused batteries out of landfills and you save a ton of money. We also have a money back guarantee that the majority of the batteries you receive will be at or near fully charged.

Just 5 cents per battery!

We cannot guarantee any particular brand however all batteries were recovered from popular electronic devices.

This is not just an electronic waste solution, it is also an amazing deal for AA alkaline batteries.

The free tester is a great tool to have at home because you can test all household AA, AAA, D, C, 9v, and 3v button batteries.

To test the AA batteries simply place the battery with the + side facing the red slider and move the slider up until it stops. The indicator line will show if the battery is good or not. If it's green it's good, if it's yellow it's low, if it's red it's dead. We guarantee the vast majority of these batteries will be in the green. You can test all of your batteries at home. Most of us have batteries laying around and now you will be able to test them to determine if they are still good.

These are not rechargeable batteries.

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