Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
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Great, consistent source of Panasonic 2900mah NCR18650

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We're always looking for genuine, high capacity, name brand cells at affordable prices. Usually the prices are silly like these sellers.

Luckily you have Battery Hookup and instead of getting ripped off, well... you get hooked up. Our cells come from medical computer cart batteries and they are super clean, well built, and test very consistently. Offering the same type of battery in bulk is one thing we are working towards. We will also be introducing something where you can buy the exact amount of cells you need for your project. No more having to buy 100 cell lots. We pay shopify $299.99 per month so we can have our Fedex and DHL account linked into our checkout so you can pay the exact amount we get charged for shipping with our great negotiated prices. We negotiated up to 78% off for Fedex DHL regular rates and we are proud to be able to pass the savings along to you. We will offer the Panasonic batteries in the packs or as individual cells fully tested. These cells are very easy to remove the nickel trip if you want to do it yourself. Or if you want to keep them in the professionally assembled 3s9p 27 cell packs that would be ideal as well. Here is a photo below of the packs. The markings on the nickel you see are on every pack and it is a manufacturing quality control check to make sure all the spot welds are perfect.

The clear enclosures are really solid and the nickel is a nice thickness. If you want to remove the cells just pull off the nickel and there are 2 screws holding the case together. This is what the case looks like opened and the cells will just come right out.

The price of these packs will be $42 for 27 cells ($1.55/cell). If you want just the cells and you want them tested they will be around $1.85-$1.95 per cell depending on how much time in labor it takes for us to clean the cells, capacity test, sort, and package in our custom boxes with dividers to meet lithium shipping standards. We have tested a lot of these cells and they are testing consistently around 90-95% original capacity so they have very little degradation and our tests are just based on 1 cycle. Usually a few cycles tends to "wake up" a cell so it is likely the capacity will increase a little after using them a few times. Either way, this is a great deal. The battery as is comes out to just $148/kWh. The batteries tested comes out to around $177/kWh. Panasonic is considered one of the best lithium ion batteries on the market. They use superior chemistry. Remember not all lithium batteries are the same. There are different lithium ion chemistries with different anode and cathode materials being used. Panasonic manufactures the right way with the right materials, that is why they make the batteries for Tesla. It's also why you see Tesla cars now reporting 300,000-500,000 miles and still around 75-80% of original battery capacity.

Be sure to check out our website for all of our latest deals. We truly take pride on driving down the cost of genuine batteries for the DIY and small business community. We can also be reached Monday thru Friday from 9-5 est at 215-666-6005. We truly appreciate all of our customers and we wish you all the best on your battery projects.

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