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Multi-Million Dollar Scandal - Ultrafire 9800mah 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries

18650 lithium ion ripoff scandal Ultrafire

Many of us in the DIY battery community are well aware of the Ultrafire brand scandal but it is very likely that the vast majority of the public will waste their hard earned money on these garbage batteries when searching and comparing 18650 batteries.
I found and will reveal below some ebay listings that are selling these and ripping us off hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is just a few of the 2684 listings on ebay right now (9/25/18) selling just this battery.
I purchased 1 order from each listing and I will do a full capacity and internal resistance test on them showing that they are less than 10% of what they claim and also have high internal resistance which makes them more likely to get hot or catch on fire. I will post the video on my youtube channel once the testing is complete. Below is the link to my youtube channel, please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can be alerted when the video is released. I will be regularly testing and exposing battery scams so you can be well informed of the battery marketplace.
"Mah" stands for milliamp hours. 9800 milliamp hours is essentially 9.8 amp hours (or ah). That means you should be able to draw 1 amp of power at nominal voltage from this battery for 9.8 hours. At least that is what the battery claims. In reality you are lucky to even get a half hour, that is if the battery even works or doesn't catch on fire first. Ironically the brand name is Ultrafire.
Searching Ebay today (9/25/18) for "9800mah" revealed 2684 listings selling Ultrafire 9800mah batteries.
Next i clicked on "Sold Listings" and started clicking on listings that had a sale in the last 3 days. I came across this listing. Link and picture are below:
This Ebay listing has 7109 sales for a total of $69,170.57.
Here are 4 other links to ebay listings. Just 5 listings totaling $158,445.79 in sales. Remember this is just 5 listings out of 2684 currently on Ebay right now.
LINK - $33,734.80 in sales
LINK - $30,979.26 in sales
LINK - $12,389.52 in sales
LINK - $12,171.64 in sales
When my orders come in for testing, I will note how they were shipped. I'm guessing they will be shipped USPS which is illegal. First, usps limits shipping of 18650 cells to just 8 cells under 20 watt hours. What's funny is that the false claims on these cells are so outrageous (3.7v times 9.8ah = 36.26wh) they made their cells 16.26 watt hours too high to even qualify to be shipped by usps. What's not funny is that usps uses commercial airlines to transport packages. Including first class mail which is illegal to ship lithium batteries, they must be sent usps ground. So you and I are taking flights with these pieces of junk, non UN 38.3 certified, rejected, internal short, batteries with fire on the labels below us in the cargo area of the planes we are travelling in.
Now i don't mean to pick on Ebay. These batteries are all over Amazon.com, Walmart.com, aliexpress, newegg, etc.
Imagine if you purchased a car that claimed to have an 18 gallon gas tank when it only had a 1 gallon gas tank... You would be pretty angry when you can't even put enough gas in your car to get to the next gas station. This is very similar to what is going on here, except if your 1 gallon gas tank was likely to catch on fire when you started your car.
I test batteries for a living. My company, Battery Hookup Inc., recycles overstock and slightly used lithium batteries for fortune 500 companies. Our customers trust us as a supplier for their products and projects. We sell genuine batteries. Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc. We have to compete against this Chinese crap every day. The Chinese marketplace is ripping us off and lying to us. I am spending my own money to purchase Chinese batteries, test them, and expose these savages. Sellers will be called out by name and I will not stop until the marketplace is fair. Our ebay listings regularly rank lower than these fake batteries that are not legal batteries to begin with. They are not safe. Even "name brand" cells that you see on aliexpress are rewrap cells from rejected batches or batteries that failed safety testing. I see people every day showing pictures and even affiliate marketing batteries that are absolutely fakes. If you're lucky the battery might test to it's stated capacity but it won't last and push some amps through it and see if that cell doesn't get so hot you can use it to cook food on.
I have already started buying ebike batteries, cell phone power banks, various 18650 cells, etc. for testing. If you want to stay informed join our "DIY Battery" facebook group.
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And if you want some real batteries at great prices go to
We offer free local pickup in Bensalem, PA too. You can come by to check us out and see that we're not selling you guys junk like what you see all over the internet nowadays.

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