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Battery Hookup

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ONLY $3 PER FOOT! Each foot equals 75 cell connections, 5 wide by 15 long. Just 4 cents per cell connection!

FINALLY!!! The wait is over! A custom cell level fused nickel design that can be spot welded with ease, works perfect, and is super cheap. Battery safety just reached a new affordable and time saving level. These fit the standard 18650 cell holders everyone uses. If you don't have the cell holders we have them here for very cheap. 20.2mm cell spacing which is the standard spacing for the normal cell holders found everywhere.

These are continuous rolls of nickel steel 5 cells wide. For example if you order a quantity of 2 feet you will get a 5 cell wide 30 cell length continuous roll for a total of 150 cell connections for just $6. Shipping costs barely increase for each additional foot.

When it comes to nickel being used as a fuse, the design has to be perfect. We spent $5700 total just on moulds to get the right design and we finally got it right. It was worth it. If you use more than 10 cells in parallel you should have cell level fusing because there are enough cells in parallel to generate enough power to cause big problems if any cell has a catastrophic failure. Like Tesla, this fuse design is meant to protect against that catastrophic event without interfering with everyday use. The fuse will blow fast at 8 amps. The fuse can carry 3 amps continuous while staying cool and without voltage drop. The connecting strips between the cells will handle 6 amps.

For example, if you had a 20 cell parallel pack 2 cells wide by 10 cells tall you can carry 6 amps from each row of 2 cells times the 10 rows tall for a total of 60 amps considering you connected your main positive or negative up and down connecting to the 10 rows to evenly distribute the 60 amps, 6 amps per row.

Next example, the popular 80 parallel cell powerwall 18650 packs that are 4 rows wide and 20 rows tall. Each of the 4 cell wide rows can carry 6 amps across the nickel safely, multiple 6 amps by the 20 rows tall and that 80 cells pack can carry 120 amps. This 5p nickel fuse is perfect for the 4 cell wide parallel packs. You can connect the 5th row to a wire or busbar that runs up the length of the pack. If you need more amps in this 4 cell wide design then 4x25 will get you to 150 amps. 4x30 180 amps, etc. 

This design was precise and fully tested. If you need a design that carries more than 3 amps per cell we will have them shortly but for many designs like powerwalls where you are not stressing the cells this is perfect. If a cell ever has an internal short the cells in parallel with it will dump energy into it to try and even the voltage. That is where danger occurs with lithium batteries, this fuse will break in that event, taking the bad cell out of the pack and the rest of the pack will continue operating minus that 1 failed cell.

Coming soon we will have this design in 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, and 6p. These are super easy to cut with regular scissors if you want to cut them down yourself. We also have other designs coming as well. We are getting into building batteries as a business so the designs we offer you are designs we will be using with confidence in our own builds. As a small business, these custom moulds and initial orders can be very expensive for us so your orders really help and we can help you in return by getting you access to these designs at bulk pricing even for smaller orders. Thank you to all of our customers and we will continue to bring products like this to enhance and improve the affordability of battery building. 

Also if you want to increase the amps you can always spot weld multiple layers, one layer at a time just like any other nickel strip.