LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module
LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module
LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module
LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module
LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module
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LG Chem N2.1 3.6V 120Ah cell module

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We are listing these every business day. If you see sold out there will be more listed at the end of each business day. They are selling faster than we can test them at the moment.

This is a rare opportunity to get these cells that have never been cycled. LG 120ah cell modules. There are 2 60ah cells in each module. These usually cost $50-$60 per cell in bulk (you get 2 per module plus the assembly) but of course you have Battery Hookup on your side saving you 50%. Get them while they last!

These batteries came out of larger modules where the mounts that connect the battery to the vehicle frame didn't line up properly or the main busbar was bent. So the cells have never been used and are still sitting at nominal voltage. We did have to cut off some of the tabs to remove the old busbar connector but there is plenty of tab space left to make your connections. Some of the tabs will be shorter than others, but you can use your own busbar between the batteries.

Yes the modules will stack. You can even use threaded rod and bolts to secure them together but they snap together. Each of these modules are 3.6v 120ah 432wh. If you buy 7 of these you can make a 7s 24v battery over 3kWh. Or 14 for an awesome 48v 6kWh powerwall.

The cells are balanced, tested, and guaranteed.

The entire cell module measures 13.375" x 4.25" x 1.50" and weighs 4 lbs. 5 oz. 

You can easily connect these together with bolts, rivets, or a good spot welder.

If you want to do an EV conversion, powerwall for home/rv, forklift, golf cart, long range e-bike, etc. Do not pass on these. Genuine LG Chem cells that have never been cycled before don't come around near this price range. 


Type Lithium Ion - 3.6V 60Ah (2 per module)
Shell Aluminum Plastic Film
Max charge full voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off voltage 3.0V
Standard charge and discharge current
CC charge 1.0C/60Ah,cutoff voltage
Max continuous discharge current 180A(3c)
Weight About 0.88±0.02Kg
Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz)
Standard Charge method
0.5C CC charge to 4.2V, 4.2V CV charge to 0.02C cut-off
Operate temperature
charge :0-40℃
storage :-20-45℃


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