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Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
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New Case with 6x 3.2v 74ah Lifepo4 Power Cells
New Case with 6x 3.2v 74ah Lifepo4 Power Cells
New Case with 6x 3.2v 74ah Lifepo4 Power Cells
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New Case with 6x 3.2v 74ah Lifepo4 Power Cells

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Comes out to just $37.50/cell. You get the original case with 6x 3.2v 74ah cells inside. They are Lithium Energy Japan cells model LEV60F. Nominal voltage is 3.2v. These cells are overstock and were originally intended for luxury vehicle 12v lithium batteries.

We only have a few cases at the moment.

Recommended max continuous charge current - 180a
Recommended max continuous discharge current - 180a
10 second pulse discharge - 600a
Fully charged 3.5v
Fully discharged 2.0v

You will need M8 x 1.25 nuts for the cells. If you want to add balance leads to the small threaded insert you can use M3 x 0.50 short bolts maybe 1/4" long would be ideal. Nuts and bolts are not included but they are very common. You can find them at most hardware stores, eBay, and Amazon.

Dimensions of the cells are approximately 2.16" x 6.73" x 4.53"

All cells are resting around 3.0v for safe shipping.

When assembling prismatic cells it is always important to use some insulating material between the cells especially for high vibration applications. Barley paper is fine or thin plastic sheets work too. When metal cased batteries are side by side the only thing protecting against a short is the thin green shrink wrap. You want something a little thicker between the cells. Also, especially when using at higher amp rates, it's important to have compression on the cells. Wrapping the whole pack with heavy duty tape can work in some cases but vinyl straps or even building a sturdy case around the pack would be ideal. This is to prevent cells from swelling. Cylindrical cells don't require compression but prismatic cells do.

The nickel coating has some tiny specs from where the welding rings were applied. Of course these cells were never welded into packs and you can just use the threaded posts to make your connections.


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