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Don't get ripped off, get hooked up!
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Unopened Case - 8x Medical Packs - 518.4wh - $58/kWh
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Unopened Case - 8x Medical Packs - 518.4wh - $58/kWh

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For this price you get a full, unopened case of medical battery packs.

Each case has 8 batteries. Each battery has 8 18650 3.6v 2250mah cells in 4s2p configuration. You will get a total of 64 18650 cells for this price. This is the best opportunity to get name brand, genuine cells that have never been cycled.

Every pack we opened in our spot test had either Panasonic CGR18650CF or Sanyo UR18650A cells which are the good Sanyo cells. Every pack has high quality, name brand 18650 cells inside all with the same capacity. Since shipping regulations require batteries to be shipped at 30% state of charge or less it is likely that these batteries will be around 2.5-3v per cell. Every cell we tested from the packs we broke down was recovered and tested around full capacity.

The best part about these packs is the lid comes off very easy. If you cut around the lid the cells are actually deeper into the pack so it makes for very easy opening the packs without hitting anything inside. We used a dremel but you can use a scraper tool or even bend the pack to get the lid to crack open.

There is a little glue on the cells but not a lot. Overall these packs were easier for us to get the cells out than most modem or laptop packs. You will also be able to recover some wire, connectors, nickel, and circuit boards out of each pack. The circuit boards likely have some gold plating since they are medical packs for those of you who like to recover raw materials.

Max recommended charge current 1.5a per cell and discharge current 4a per cell. These cells are perfect for solar storage and many different projects. We don't recommend using for ebikes, vapes, or applications where a very high discharge rate is needed. A good rule of thumb is if you plan on building a pack where the battery will fully discharge under 1 hour you should use high drain cells. If you are building a pack that is designed to last over 1 hour then this type of cell is a great choice, especially at an unbeatable price like this.

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