LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module
LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module
LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module
LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module
LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module
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LG 28.8v 8.5kWh 8s Lithium Ion EV Module

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This is one of the best values you will find. Comes out to just $110/kWh (11c/Wh) These modules are made with LG LGX cells and are just absolutely perfect for powerwall, forklifts, golfcarts, EV, and many other projects. The modules came out of VERY LOW mileage electric vehicles and are testing amazing.

Every module is balanced and ready for you to add your BMS. There is quick access to the busbars on the sides for your balance leads and you can easily solder your balance leads right to the busbars. Main positive and negative connections can be made with regular ring terminals. If you want to convert these into different voltages you can cut the busbars with a dremel although we recommend keeping the module the way it. It's already professionally built and compressed.

Note: For 24v and 48v applications you can charge these up to 4v per cell and stay within inverter range. You will only a lose a little capacity however you will more than triple the cycle life.

There are holes on the frames to mount these securely. You can use large bolts if you are mounting these to a frame of a vehicle.

These batteries must be shipped freight. We have excellent freight rates and they include liftgate and residential delivery fees. We can fit a lot of batteries on 1 pallet so the more you buy the cheaper the shipping cost per battery gets.

We recommend to limit the charge and discharge rates of each module to 150 amps continuous and 300 amps for a 10 second pulse. It would be perfect to pair these with a 100-150a BMS. If you need more amps you can always put a 100-150a BMS on each module and when all modules are the same voltage you can parallel them to achieve higher discharge rates. Some batteries have the positive on the right of the battery and some have the negative on the right side of the battery. You can mount these upside down to line them up if you are stacking them. Just pay attention to which side is positive and which is negative. Check each one to make sure you are lining them up the right way.

There are 32 LG Chem LGX cells in each module in 8s4p configuration.

Module fully charged is 33.6v (4.2v per cell)

Module fully discharged is 22.4v (2.8v per cell)

Module Dimensions: 21" (L) x 14" (W) x 5" (H) - Width includes +/- posts

Module Weight: 86 lbs

Note: These are not Chevy batteries.

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