12v 4ah 48wh Ni-MH Batteries 1000+ Cycle
12v 4ah 48wh Ni-MH Batteries 1000+ Cycle
12v 4ah 48wh Ni-MH Batteries 1000+ Cycle
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12v 4ah 48wh Ni-MH Batteries 1000+ Cycle

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These are amazing value packs that are super easy to build into larger 12v packs. Every pack is tested and confirmed to be above 12v and work perfect within the range of all 12v inverters.

These Ni-MH packs are rated at 1000+ cycles if you don't abuse them and Ni-MH is a very safe battery chemistry.

These battery packs were not cycled too many times because they were used in the medical field and they are super clean.

Simply solder your nickel or wires to the + and - tabs on the top of the case and you are all set. If you want to string a lot of these together like 10 or more just use a 10a fuse in line on each pack and connect them all to a main busbar.

These packs can be charged up to 15v and discharge cutoff voltage would be 10v which is perfect because most inverters will cutoff at 10v. Tenergy makes nice Ni-MH chargers. Recommended model would be the T180 and there are also smaller ones that work for 10s 12v Ni-MH packs.

We recommend charging each pack up to 2 amps and discharge each pack up to 4 amps. Even though the cells can handle some more you want to make sure these packs last a long time. The price is so low you can build a nice sized pack.

For example if you have a 500w inverter you can parallel 10 of these packs together for a 12v 40ah 480wh battery.

The packs weight 1.7 lbs and they have 4 holes for screws so you can mount them if you want. They stack nicely as well. Dimensions are roughly 5.5" x 5" x 1"

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