FULLY TESTED Valence U-Charge U1-12RJ LifePo4 Battery 12V 40Ah 512wh
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FULLY TESTED Valence U-Charge U1-12RJ LifePo4 Battery 12V 40Ah 512wh

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This battery in particular tested over 100% capacity so it is like new. 
Here are fully tested Valence U1-12RJ 12v 40ah batteries. These batteries were pulled from hospital medical computer carts. We are a battery testing facility and you will get the full printout of the exact test showing the remaining capacity and discharge curve. We also open the top to check for damage to the battery management system and also ensure that there is no water damage. The top has 6 screws under the sticker so the sticker on the top will have holes where those 6 screws are.
These batteries come with the RJ45 jack cable.

You want a battery that is properly and fully tested with proof that it was properly tested. This is exactly what we are offering here.

The D-CC section in the test printout is the capacity reading. The batteries are fully inspected before the testing process. We ensure the groups of cells inside are balanced, check for water damage, and inspect the BMS. Then the battery is fully charged to 14.6v, discharged to 10v, and recharged to a 30% nominal voltage for proper storage and legal shipping within Department Of Transportation guidelines.
Shipping only available to the United States and Canada. Shipping out of the country requires these to be shipped via freight. For a quote email us at sales@batteryhookup.com.

The batteries above 40ah (100% of original capacity or better) likely have never been cycled and were just overstock. Batteries in the 80-90% and 90-100% remaining capacity range still have a ton of life left in them. Of course the lower capacity batteries are priced accordingly. All batteries regardless of remaining capacity are fully tested and are 100% in perfect working condition.

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