Ebike 36v 5200mah 187Wh 20x 2600mah 18650
Battery Hookup

Ebike 36v 5200mah 187Wh 20x 2600mah 18650

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Note: These packs are difficult to get the cells out. When you remove the 2 screws you can pry open the pack. After that there is a rubber that does peel off but it takes some time. They used rubber to work as a shock absorber. We opened one and the best thing to do it after you pry open the top of the case, you will see where you can use a dremel too cut off the rest of the case. The rubber isn't too bad but overall these packs can be frustrating to open. That's why we priced them lower than other ebike packs.

These packs are untested but in good cosmetic condition. It is possible they will work but we are selling them for the value of the 20 18650 cells and the BMS. In most cases the pack either works fine, has a bad BMS, or 1 row of cells is out of balance. There have been tons of these packs worked on by the DIY community and there is so much value in these modules for the price. Even if you get a pack with a bad group of cells you'll still get 18 good cells and a good BMS plus the connectors and wiring.

You will get 20 LG, Samsung, or EVE 10amp rated 2600MAH cells per pack.

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