Chevy OEM LG Chem 8s 28.8v 4.75kWh
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Chevy OEM LG Chem 8s 28.8v 4.75kWh

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*Shipping to Canada and lower 48 states only*

If you are located in Canada please email us and provide us with brokerage information/tariff ID for customs. It is needed in order for us to ship these via freight. 

 ***We are listing these every day, they are selling faster than we can test them so if you see they are sold out, check back and we will have more listed. We test every single cell and module.***

Elon Musk said new batteries would one day reach $100/kWh. Well we beat him.

What a beautiful day... When batteries that have never been cycled are on Battery Hookup for $100 per kWh. Doesn't get any better! These LG Chem modules came out of Chevy battery assembly where the bolt patterns didn't line up with the frame. This LG Chem lithium ion module is made up of 8s3p LG Chem 60ah cells. Easy access to the busbars on the sides. These are the easiest, cheapest, least degraded EV battery ever offered at this price. Imagine the possibilities, golf carts, forklifts, powerwalls, EV conversions, etc. 

We do not recommend disassembling the packs. The way these are made, the cells break out into 2 cells at a time but there are 3 cells in parallel so you can't just take off 1 group of 3 cells. If you want just the cells we have them available too but they cost a little more since we had to put labor into disassembly and we are flying through diamond cutting bits to cut out the busbars. 

Module weight is around 55 lbs. and the dimensions are approximately 16" x 14" x 4". 

These are just light enough to ship ground which is awesome. No expensive 

Fully charged this pack is 33.6v. Fully discharged it is 22.4v. A lot of customers are buying 2 of these to make a 16s battery or 12 units for a 96s setup for an EV conversion.

There is no BMS but you have easy access to the busbars which will make wiring your bms super easy! We recommend Daly BMS units for a cheap and effective option.

Below are the specs of the cells used. This module contains 30 LG Chem N2.1 60ah cells. M6-1.0 nuts fit the main positive and negative post. 


Type Lithium Ion - 3.6V 60Ah
Shell Aluminum Plastic Film
Max charge full voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.8V
Standard charge and discharge current
CC charge 1.0C/60Ah,cutoff voltage
Max continuous discharge current 180A(3c)
Weight About 0.88±0.02Kg
Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz)
Standard Charge method
0.5C CC charge to 4.2V, 4.2V CV charge to 0.02C cut-off
Operate temperature
charge :0-40℃
storage :-20-45℃

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