BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS
BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS
BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS
BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS
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BMZ Samsung 48v 13s7p 704wh module with 15s BMS

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Here are beautiful Samsung 48v modules with a BMS. These modules use 91 2200mah 10a rated Samsung 18650 cells in 13s7p configuration. The cutoff discharge voltage is currently 42v because the BMS used on these modules is a 15s BMS where they only attached 13 strings. So you still get the 4.2v per cell over voltage protection but the cutoff per cell will be around 3.23v. We removed the BMS on a pack and got a full capacity reading down to 2.8v per cell which means these modules likely never got cycled. Down to 3.23v per cell with the current BMS we got around 90% capacity due to the early discharge cutoff voltage. So you have a choice with these modules. Keep the BMS the way it is and have a 42v (3.23v per cell) cutoff or swap the BMS with a 13s BMS and be able to get full capacity down to 2.8v per cell (36.4v)

12" x 5.5" x 3"

Fully charged voltage - 54.6
Continuous charge rating - 15a (1c)
Continuous discharge rating - 30a (2c)

You can add your own 60a BMS if you want to get a little more out of the pack but 2c discharge is very solid and 1c charge rate is the max you should charge.

The modules come with an SBS 50 (50a) Anderson plug if you want to add that to the module. The wires already have the connectors soldered on so you can just insert them into the connector or use your own connector like an xt60.

Comes with an 80 amp in-line fuse.

Overall these are excellent packs and what I like about the 42v cutoff is usually a 48v inverter has a cutoff around 40v anyway so for use in a powerwall these modules would work nice. Just remember to only parallel these when they are the same voltage. 19 of these packs in parallel will get you close to the capacity of a Tesla Powerwall version 2 which is 13.5kWh.

Brand: Samsung
Model: ICR18650-22P
Capacity: 2200mAh Rated
Voltage: 3.62V Nominal
Charging: 4.20V Maximum
1075mA Standard
2150mA Maximum
Discharging: 2.75V Cutoff
430mA Standard
10000mA Maximum
Description: Purple (Light) Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

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