BMW OEM 3s 12v 75ah 869wh *Side Mount*
BMW OEM 3s 12v 75ah 869wh *Side Mount*
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BMW OEM 3s 12v 75ah 869wh *Side Mount*

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These particular 3s modules have the main connections on the sides as you can see in the photos. 

These 3s BMW batteries are PERFECT for 12v inverters. Check out the discharge curve in the 2nd photo and you will see that 95% of the energy is stored above 10v. Most 12v inverters cut off at 10v. Simply set your charge controller or charger to 12.6v, add a 3s BMS, and you are ready to go! We have tested all batteries and they are all between 800-900wh and are all balanced. If we have the 4s modules in stock you can buy 1x 4s and 1x 3s to make a perfect 7s 24v module. Or 2x 4s and 2x 3s to make a 14s 48v pack.

This is the greatest deal you will find on BMW batteries. BMW batteries are very valuable because they are built like tanks and use Samsung NMC prismatic lithium ion cells.

This is an AMAZING option for the ultimate powerwall, EV conversion, golf cart, forklift, etc. These are from field trial 2012 BMW Active E cars that were only leased for 3 years. These batteries are all balanced and have a ton of life left in them. New these are 999wh, these still have around 80-90% of capacity as shown in the test results in the 2nd photo. You will receive batteries that are tested between 800-900wh.

The battery modules are beautiful and one of the most solid, well built modules we have seen. Holding one you can tell it is built to last. These use 45ah cells and are in 2p format. So the 3s module is actually 6 cells in 3s2p configuration.

Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 6.5"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Pack nominal voltage: 11.52v (3.84v/cell)
Pack amp hours: between 70-80ah
Pack watt hours: between 800-900wh
Recommended Max continuous discharge: 150a
Recommended Max pulse discharge (10 seconds): 600a
Recommended Max continuous charge: 100a



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