BMW OEM 16s 57.6v 35ah 2kWh MODULE
BMW OEM 16s 57.6v 35ah 2kWh MODULE
BMW OEM 16s 57.6v 35ah 2kWh MODULE
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BMW OEM 16s 57.6v 35ah 2kWh MODULE

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Here awesome BMW batteries at Kia prices! These modules are testing above 90% of original capacity and they are built like tanks! They use 35ah Samsung cells. The module is 16s configuration. If you have an EV conversion, golf cart upgrade, performance e-bike/e-motorcycle, powerwall, etc. These batteries are built to last,. fully balanced, and guaranteed!

These modules in particular do not have the balance leads but as you can see in the 2nd photo there is wide open, easy access to solder your BMS leads to the busbars.

We don't have too many of these in stock so get them while they last. We recommend using a Daly brand bms. 16s li-ion Daly bms will be perfect. You can connect to the main positive and negative with alligator clips or just solder to the busbars. Super easy battery pack to work with. 

If you have an inverter that accepts up to 64v input this is a perfect battery for a powerwall. Of course since this is an EV battery these are great for EV, golf carts, forklifts, ebikes, etc as well.

Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Nominal Voltage: 57.6
Fully Charged Voltage: 67.2
Fully discharged Voltage: 44.8
Recommended Max Charge rate: 35a (1c) (2000w)
Recommended Max Discharge rate: 105a (3c) (6000w)
Pulse Discharge rate (10 seconds): 175a (5c) (10,000w)
Measurements: 14.5" x 7" x 4"
Weight: 28.65 lbs.

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