Black US Military Ammo Can Painted
Battery Hookup

Black US Military Ammo Can Painted

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Here are genuine military ammo cans that we cleaned up and painted with Rustoleum to prevent rust. We actually sold pallets of these to a company and these are some that we had leftover. We have tested these for fire proofing by filling them up with batteries and lighting them on fire of which was professionally supervised. The ammo can held up and prevented further spread so this should be a great measure of protection for your battery projects. 

Dimensions: 10" x 6.5" x 5.5"

Weight 5.4 lbs

There will likely be some light scratches and a few dings here and there. The Rustoleum was applied for rust prevention, not as a beautiful paint job. You can always paint this any color you want. This is a genuine, used, US military ammo can, if you are looking for a prop to use in a beauty pageant this is not the item for you. 

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