Anderson SB50 50a Connector with 8 gauge wire + Fuse
Battery Hookup

Anderson SB50 50a Connector with 8 gauge wire + Fuse

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If you are looking for connectors with a separate charge connector this is the best deal out there. We recovered these from professional battery packs and they all come with 8 gauge wire and ring terminals.

Anderson SB50 50a connector with 8 gauge wire and a 40a in line fuse with holder

Powerpole connector with 16 gauge wire and a 10a in line fuse with holder.

Perfect for quick connections of battery packs that do 50a continuous or less. These will plug right into each other. Especially great for connectors for chargers. You can put one of these connectors on your charger and one on your battery pack. You can quickly connect your charger then just pull it off when you want to disconnect. The positive and negatives line up with each other. In this scenario you would want to order 2, one for the charger and one for the battery connection.

With the holder, fuses, wire, connectors, etc you will not find a better deal.

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