36v LTO Toshiba SCiB 20,000 cycles! 16 cells

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Brand new in the original box! This could be the greatest value battery ever. Get them while they last, only 1 pallet of these.
We can only ship to US lower 48, canada, and puerto rico. 
2x 8 cell genuine Toshiba SCiB LTO modules that are rated for 20,000 cycles. 16s makes a perfect 36v battery. The bms is proprietary and I don't think it will work without being connected to the application it was intended for but you will at least get a lot of accessories and thick cables to mess around with. Maybe you can get the bms to work but we are only selling these for the value of the 16 brand new Toshiba SCiB LTO cells that are 20ah. If you build a battery out of these packs it will likely end up in your will. That's how long these will last. 
This battery uses Toshiba SCiB 20ah cells, 8 in series. You get 2 in a box that you can connect into 16s. Making a perfect 36v battery pack. The photo below shows the discharge curve of LTO cells.
As you can see, 1 of these packs in 8s form will fully charge to 20.8v (2.6v per cell) and at 16v (2v per cell) the bulk of the battery capacity is used. LTO can be fully discharged. And the SCiB cells are rated down to 1.5v by spec.
LTO can be used even at -30 degrees Celcius.
We recommend using an LTO Daly bms if you are making these into a powerwall or Ebike. 2 of these packs in series makes an awesome 36v battery.
Recommended max charge and discharge is 10c or 200a per cell. 
If you want to configure these into different voltages you can easily cut the busbar connections with a dremmel wheel. Each series connection has an area raised higher where you can cut without worrying about hitting the cells.
Individual cell dimensions are 116mmx22mmx106mm. I'm sure you can take the cells out of the holder but I would recommend keeping the original busbars and spacing in tact. Its a professional connection that you can use. Just utilize the screw terminals to make your connections with wires and ring terminals. Makes this super easy, no soldering. 
Comes out to around $15 per cell brand new.