4x Segway 20967 73.6v 5.2ah 382.7wh parts/repair
Battery Hookup

4x Segway 20967 73.6v 5.2ah 382.7wh parts/repair

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These batteries come with Valence lifepo4 18650 cells. Each cell is 3.2v 1300mah. These batteries when working are worth around $800 each so these are being sold for parts or repair. The modules are likely discharged but we have had customers rebuild these packs and do very well. You get 4 packs for just $150.

23 cells in series. 4 cells in parallel. That means each module comes with 92 cells. You get 184 cells. Typically the BMS works on these packs. If you can cleanly open or cut open these packs, replace the cells, reuse the BMS, then reseal the case, you can do very well selling these on Ebay. It is unknown if the cells are discharged or not but usually they are. You may be able to carefully charge each cell and check for heat and self discharge but these are ultimately being sold for the BMS and enclosure to fit the Segway after being properly rebuilt. 

We cover the $37 hazmat fee and UN-4G packaging necessary to legally ship these. 

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