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28.8v 8s6p 7.8ah 225wh LITHIUM ION PACK

Battery Hookup

Regular price $20.00

Here are 28.8v packs from Torqeedo. These actually cost $599.00 new but we are salvaging the batteries in them. Usually the issues with these are the BMS failure which means these are nice packs to salvage for cells and prebuilt modules. The BMS is proprietary too so you can't reuse it. However these packs have a standard JST connector which means you can easily reuse the balance leads for use with your own 8s bms. These cells have a pool of glue holding them in so if you want to salvage the cells you can but you will have to rewrap the cells since prying the cells out of the glue will rip the cell wrapper. You can easily make these into a nice 8s or 16s battery pack for a super cheap price. We check every battery for voltage to make sure you are not getting any dead packs. Its possible the cells might be out of balance. We are selling these at a salvage price and it is likely that every pack can be salvaged in the 8s6p configuration but its not guaranteed.

The cells used are good quality cells. 1300mah cells model BM18650Z. Capable of 10c discharge rate. Recommended charge rate per cell is 2.6a and recommended max discharge rate per cell is 13a. This 8s lithium ion pack fully charged is 33.6v, fully discharged is 22.4v. New these are rated at 225wh per pack but with our tests its likely you'll get around 90% of that. Figure 5 packs will make 1kWh. Just 40 cents per cell already configured in a usable pack with balance leads. Worth a shot to get a $599 battery for just $20. Interesting to see the different assembly approaches. I also like that you can reuse the battery housing, it is waterproof since this battery was developed for an electric outboard boat motor. A waterproof battery case alone is worth the $20.