20 Pack - TESTED - 26650 Lifepo4 3.2v Cells
20 Pack - TESTED - 26650 Lifepo4 3.2v Cells
20 Pack - TESTED - 26650 Lifepo4 3.2v Cells
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20 Pack - TESTED - 26650 Lifepo4 3.2v Cells

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Here we have fully tested 26650 cells. For this price you get 20 tested cells in a box. You can select the tested capacity range from the drop down menu. All batteries were professionally tested and matched by internal resistance and capacity. Most of these batteries are either K2 or Valence. They were old stock but never cycled. Most batteries, when new, were rated for 2600mah to 3200mah. Any degradation was caused by calendar year, not cycles. All batteries are resting at 3.3v and ready to be spot welded into whatever lifepo4 pack configuration you want. Of course, the lower capacity cells are priced accordingly and you can expect a relatively good balanced pack since these are grouped in boxes by similar capacity AND internal resistance.

All batteries have specs of at least 1c charge and 2c discharge rates which makes them perfect for many applications from Ebikes to solar storage and mostly everything in between.

Having our own professional testing facility allows us to fully test these batches of batteries, weed out the bad cells, and properly grade the cells that are still good for reuse. The cells that are too degraded for reuse are properly down streamed for raw material recovery.

Fully charged 3.65v per cell
Fully discharged 2.5v per cell

4 cells in series = 12v (10-14.6v)
8 cells in series = 24v (20-29.2v)
12 cells in series = 36v (30-43.8v)
16 cells in series = 48v (40-58.4v)

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