20 K2 26650 LFP26650p 2850mah Lifepo4 Batteries (New)

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Here are 20 brand new in the box K2 LFP26650P Lifepo4 batteries. These are 2850mah cells that can put out 150 amps in a short 10 second burst. 4 of these in series actually started a car!  Lifepo4 is a superior chemistry with over 2000 cycles to 80% capacity. Compare that to lithium ion and lithium polymer 300-800 cycles. These also make a perfect 12v lead acid replacement when you connect 4 in series. Check out the amazing specs below! We tested hundreds of these and they all checked within 5% of new specs so they are super consistent and stored at nominal voltage. These retail for over $14 per cell and these are the cells made into those expensive motorcycle lithium batteries.

Brand: K2
Model: LFP26650P
Capacity: 2850mah
Watt Hours: 9.4
Nominal Voltage: 3.2
Fully Charged Voltage: 3.65 (recommended), 4.1 (maximum)
Fully Discharged Voltage: 2.5 (recommended), 2.0 (maximum)
Continuous Discharge (A): 42
Pulse 30 Seconds Discharge (A): 50
Short Pulse Discharge (A): 150
Charge Current (A): 5