12v LTO BMW LG Chem 20,000 cycles! 6 cells!
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12v LTO BMW LG Chem 20,000 cycles! 6 cells!

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When BMW and Lg Chem team up for an LTO battery you know you can expect nothing but the greatest quality. These packs are rated for over 20,000 cycles.
Here are 12v 10ah BMW packs that use 6 LG Chem Lithium Titanate cells in series. You know the new vehicles that turn off and restart every time you come to a stop? Well these are the batteries from the 2019 BMW vehicles. We have opened and tested a few already and they test 100% capacity. This pack in particular is one we opened already so when you buy this you will get the exact battery shown in the photo. There are a few broken plastic tabs on the sides but it doesn't effect anything. This is the first battery we disassembled and we popped a few tabs off that we didn't have to. All you need is a 6s LTO bms and you are all set. Main positive and negative can be easily connected with ring terminals. The current busbars are designed for 130a continuous but can easily push 500+ amps on a pulse. This is truly a beautiful battery that'll likely last so long it'll end up in your will. 
Pack dimensions are 9" long, 3" wide, 7" tall.
If you are not familiar with LTO chemistry the cells can be fully discharged without damage and last over 20,000 cycles, Compare that to 300-1000 cycles for lithium ion and 2000 cycles for LifePo4. Fully charged each cell is 2.6 volts and fully discharged is typically 1.5v with the bulk of energy being stored between 2.6v and 2.0v. So fully charged this pack will be 15.6 and fully discharged can be set to 12v but can go as low as 0.0v if desired.   
The photo below shows the discharge curve of LTO cells.
LTO can be used even at -30 degrees Celcius.
Recommended max charge and discharge is 10c or 200a per cell. 
I'm sure you can take the cells out of the holder but I would recommend keeping the original busbars and spacing in tact. Its a professional connection that you can use. Just utilize the screw terminals to make your connections with wires and ring terminals. Makes this super easy, no soldering. 

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