100 A123 18650 APR18650M1A 1100mah Lifepo4 Batteries (New)

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Here are 100 brand new in the box A123 APR18650M1A Lifepo4 batteries. THESE ARE 30A RATED POWER CELLS! They are 1100mah cells with the vinyl shrink wrap which will fit perfect in holders if you are going to use them.  Lifepo4 is a superior chemistry compared to lithium ion and lithium polymer 300-800 cycles. These also make a perfect 12v lead acid replacement when you connect 4 in series. Check out the amazing specs below! They have been stored in a controlled environment. Just $2 per cell. These will last multiple times more cycles than any other lithium ion 18650. These are $10 per cell online so this is a great deal. These are priced to sell fast just like everything else we sell. Our goal is to drive down the cost of genuine lithium batteries for the DIY and small business community.

Brand: A123
Model: APR18650M1A
Capacity: 1100mah
Watt Hours: 3.63
Nominal Voltage: 3.3
Fully Charged Voltage: 3.60
Fully Discharged Voltage: 2.5
Continuous Discharge (A): 30
Charge Current (A): 4.0
Energy Density: 88wh/kg