10 Pounds of Mixed Lithium Polymer flat cells
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10 Pounds of Mixed Lithium Polymer flat cells

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The photo shows what 10 pounds of flat packs look like.

Here are 10 pound boxes of mixed batteries that have flat cells inside. If you are willing to put in the work your costs of batteries that are salvaged from these packs is crazy low. If you salvage the wires, BMS, and PCB circuits from them you will likely recoup most of your costs of these batteries. 

We do our best to weed out any swollen bad packs so it is likely that most of these cells will take a charge and cycle just fine.

We get pallets of mixed batteries and it is very difficult to sort through every pack so our solution is to separate the lithium ion cylindrical packs from the lithium polymer flat packs and sell them for cheap as balls.

Flat cells can come in many different packs like power banks, cell phones, laptops, scanners, etc. We try to give a good mix but sometimes its a large amount of the same battery. Either way the value is there.


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