10 Pounds of Mixed 18650 Packs - 60-80 Cells
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10 Pounds of Mixed 18650 Packs - 60-80 Cells

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For just $17 you get 10 pounds of mixed 18650 battery packs. The vast majority of them have name brand 18650 cells inside. It is possible a few will have 26650 cells like A123 or K2. Break them down, test the cells, and get money for the scrap metals to get an even better deal! Even if some cells are bad you will get an amazingly low price per kilowatt hour. There will be a mix of batteries like drill, medical, scanner, power banks, etc. Some may also have boxes of loose random 18650 cells of various brands, some good brands and some off brands. However those are just cell weight which means you get more cells per pound even if some are off-brand. 

The problem we have is some pallets come in with so many different types of batteries that it's hard for us to sort and list every one of them. So our solution is to fill up boxes until they reach 10 pounds then sell those boxes for cheap as balls. Our employees are not instructed to sort out good packs so it is very possible you will get some very valuable packs mixed in.

You will get between 60-80 cells for every 10 pounds. If you like to salvage cells and build your own packs this is an amazing option with regards to price per kilowatt hour.


Check out this powerwall that our customer built using the cells he salvaged from these packs!


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