Marketing Partner

Our data shows that cookie based affiliate links are not as effective as discount codes. Customers who already know our brand will likely skip clicking a link and will go directly to our website. Battery Hookup offers an amazing opportunity and has paid influencers over a million dollars in the past few years. It is important that we support anyone who is an influencer of the DIY battery movement. We are offering discount codes of 5% off for customers. When someone uses that code, you will also receive 10% of that sale. At the end of each month we will calculate the net sales for your discount code and send a payout through Paypal directly. To apply, email us at the following information: Name: Email address you use for Paypal: (So we can pay you) Facebook group, Youtube channel, Website, Blog or plan of use for the discount code: The use for the discount code is important because we are trying to limit spam of any kind in comment sections and social media groups. We do not support guerilla marketing tactics of any kind and we reserve the right to cancel the discount code for spam. The following are examples of what we will approve in our program. Youtube channels. Facebook groups. Website Owners. Clubs. Coupon sites. Marketers that legally acquire leads. Groups of friends that work on projects together. We will not accept anyone who just plans on spamming Facebook group and Youtube comment sections. Groups like DIY powerwalls, DIY Car Audio, Will Prowse's forum, and Jehu's powerwall have been spam marketed by other companies. These are community building forums that we support and spam marketing negatively impacts the user experience and reflects poorly on the company doing it. We have never marketed in groups and forums that are not ours and we ask that our marketing partners do the same.