Universal 60a Busbars for Prismatic Lifepo4 Li-ion Batteries
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Universal 60a Busbars for Prismatic Lifepo4 Li-ion Batteries

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These busbars are specially made to fit almost every prismatic style battery on the market. You can cut them down to size with a pair of wire cutters to get a perfect fit for your application. We had these made because there are so many different size batteries with different lengths needed.

They are tinned copper and each busbar can handle 60 amps. You can always stack them to double the current. Tinned copper allows you to make a secure connection to both aluminum and copper without worry of oxidation and corrosion. Also some smaller batteries like the top band you can actually use 1 busbar for 2 connections by cutting these in half. So thinner, smaller batteries these will still work with because the length of the ovals are longer than the distance between the 2 ovals. So one way or another they work for every battery with studs up to 3 5/8" distance. We haven't found any batteries these busbars did not fit unless the bolt hole was too wide on some larger 400ah batteries. For those you can always drill a little larger hole but for the most part these will fit your batteries. Specs are below.

The whole busbar measures 2x18x102mm.
2mm=a little thicker than 1/16"
18mm= just under 3/4"

Longest space from bolt to bolt is 3 5/8". There is no battery posts too short to fit these so if your posts are less than 3 5/8" apart these will work.

Width of slot fit up to 3/8" bolts. (10mm wide)

I hope this information and explaination helps, these are easy to cut with a nice pair of snips or cutters and the 60 amps is on the lower end. We have customers reporting they can handle more but we don't want to over-promise. 60 amps is a good number. The idea is when you use these you trim the excess.

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