Shrink Wrap Vinyl Tube
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Shrink Wrap Vinyl Tube

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Battery shrink wrap tubing by the foot is here at Battery Hookup with excellent pricing! We have tube width from 4.75" wide to 16.5" wide. The width is the measurement of the tube laying flat. For example if you look at the photo, the width would be the measurement of the roll's height. 

This can shrink up to 20% so a good rule of thumb is to add 10% to your battery size. If you have a 4" wide by 6" tall pack that would be 10". Plus 10% would come to 11". You would need 11" tubing.  Just choose the next size up if it is not exact. We have so many different sizes we should always have the size that fits your need.

This is sold by the foot. If you order a quantity of 10 for 8" wide tubing you will get a 10 foot continuous roll of 8" wide tubing. You can easy cut this down to size with any pair of scissors.

All sizes are blue color. These are high quality and thick .015mm vinyl. Industrial grade.

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