NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh
NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh
NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh
NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh
NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh
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NEW Master Backup 24v/48v 14.3kWh Lifepo4 - $272/kWh

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These modules have to ship freight. We have excellent freight rates which include lift gate and residential delivery. Or you can pickup for FREE from our Bensalem, PA warehouse.

These modules are brand new and fully assembled in the USA. We are helping a small business in Illinois sell these modules. They even laser engrave their own enclosure. If you are in the market for a brand new, plug and play battery these are an awesome product to consider and made with automotive grade A prismatic cells, not reject cells.

You will get 2 modules, each 24v 280ah 7.15ah. You can series or parallel them. If you parallel them you will get 24v 14.3kWh and if you series them you will get 48v 14.3kWh. Each module has a 100a BMS and a circuit breaker. It also comes with a display.

The modules weigh around 130 lbs each and also come with a mounting bracket for your wall and the 175a Anderson connector. You will have to add your own cables to the Anderson connector.

In this kit you get the following:
2x 7.168kWh 24v battery modules
2x wall mounts
2x Anderson 175a connectors.

Cell info:
Brand: REPT
Cycle life 80% DOD: Greater than 3500 cycles
Casing Material: Aluminum
Rated capacity: 280 Amp Hours
Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.2 Volts
Maximum Cell Voltage: 3.65 Volts
Minimum Cell Voltage: 2.5 Volts
Chemical Composition: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Maximum Discharge current: 280 Amps
Charge Temperature range: 32-130 F
Discharge Temperature range: 32-140 F
Weight: 11.75 lbs
Dimensions: 6.83L" X 2.84W" X 8.17"H (with studs) (173.6mm X 71.5mm X 215mm)
N1 UL1642 5th Edition
N2 UN38.3 UN Transportation Test
N3 IEC 62133 Edition 2 , Secondary cells and batteries
N4 IEC 61960 Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications
N5 GB/T 31484-31486 Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles

125A DC Circuit Breaker: MCB Solar Fuse 250v Single Pole 1P

BMS has low temp cutoff at -1c and has 2 temperature probes.

Each module fully charged is 29.2v and fully discharged is 20v.

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