Tracker Lithium TLi80 Lifepo4 12.8v 80ah - Tested
Tracker Lithium TLi80 Lifepo4 12.8v 80ah - Tested
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Tracker Lithium TLi80 Lifepo4 12.8v 80ah - Tested

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These batteries come fully tested with a printout of the test report showing the capacity and graphed curve. These are very high quality marine batteries that will work for solar storage as well. Manufactured by ReLion, these batteries are on par with the high quality medical batteries they make. This battery uses cylindrical cells inside instead of prismatic so compression is not an issue and cycle life is superior. The weight is also lighter at just 25 lbs for this battery.

If you are sizing for your boat this would be a group 27 size equivalent battery. At this price you can save money on your solar storage and really save money if you are looking for a battery for your boat.

Most of these batteries were not used too many times and are testing amazing. These all tested around full capacity or better so maybe they were only used a few times for a fishing tournament. Actually there is some evidence these were just used 1 time for a professional fishing tournament which explains why they are all testing like new still. They likely were cycled 1-2 times.

You can charge up to 40a continuous and discharge up to 80a continuous. 5 second burst for starting power up to 160a. M8 bolts are included so these are plug and play, ready to use. BMS included inside. You can also series these batteries up to 48v due to the higher grade BMS. In all of our years of testing used batteries we have always been impressed with the quality of ReLion made products. If you can get your hands on these they will last a long time, especially when they are testing so good with little use you can expect to have a battery that lasts.

12" x 8.6" x 6.6". These batteries can be mounted any direction, even upside down. Doesn't matter because they are cylindrical lifepo4 cells inside that don't need compression.

Datasheet for this battery is in the 2nd photo.

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