Brand New Panasonic 14s 48v 6.4ah

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This is a beautiful battery and brand new. It doesn't get any better than this. Check out the David Poz Youtube video below.

This little battery can push 100a continuous (5000w). The BMS is proprietary and requires some programming so we can't guarantee if you can get the BMS to work. The value is in everything else, if you can get this BMS to work it is a $229 BMS. This module was sold to a hospital for their server racks for $600. Never used. In the original boxes. You get it for $60. Use your favorite discount code to save even more. We only have 1 pallet and they will be gone fast. It is made with 14s4p UR18650WX cells. Each cell can push 25a. Total of 56 cells! You are getting this module for less than the cost of the cells. We are just blowing these out. If you miss this deal sign up for our email list below (where is says "be in the know") to be notified because we have some surprises coming soon. Batteries have never been so cheap. We are driving the cost of the best batteries down.

Dimensions: 25" long x 4" wide x 3.25" tall

Weight: 19 lbs

This truly is one of the most well built batteries out there. Meant to be used in a hospital server backup but was never used, we got them in the brand new shrink wrapped pallet. Just add your own BMS like David Poz did. If you are knowledgeable on BMS programming you may be able to utilize the BMS in the pack but again, the value is the cells and the rest of the components. If you can figure out the BMS that is a bonus.