Boston Power 5300 Pack 10.95V 26.5AH 290.175WH 3S5P

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Here are fully tested Medical Boston Power packs rated at 290wh. These are priced to sell!
These are fully functional packs that consist of 15 Boston Power 5300s in a 3S5P configuration. The packs are still assembled in a very strong reusable cell holder case, with all of the lead wires still connected!  We went through and checked each individual cell to assure that there were no dead cells in the packs! You can guarantee that you will get all good cells!
These are great for salvaging. It is pretty easy to disassemble the packs and salvage the batteries inside of them! (Tutorial video coming soon) We spot tested a batch of them, and our results were around 95% capacity per cell. The packs were only in service for about 18 months. 
Below are the specs for EACH INDIVIDUAL CELL
Product Sonata 5300
Capacity 5300mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.65v
Nominal Energy 19.3Wh
Max. Discharge 7.95A