48v 6ah 280wh 13s4p LG HB2 Module with steel enclosure
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48v 6ah 280wh 13s4p LG HB2 Module with steel enclosure

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These batteries are awesome, the cell holders, steel enclosure, busbars, fuses, etc. Just an overall awesome battery that is a 13s 48v pack and balanced. These were used as backup for servers so they were not cycled too many times. These are power cells. Model LGDAHB21865. The inline fuse is 125a. Would recommend to stay 80a or less. These cells can do 30a and they are one of the highest amp rated cells on the market. Every module is checked to make sure they are balanced.

The steel lid is included so this whole module is encased in steel. It's a nice added layer of security.

Dimensions: 19" x 6.25" x 2.5"

11 lbs with steel enclosure

BMS allows current to flow through but likely communicates to another main unit to trigger on and off. You should add a BMS to these. We have 13s bms units in our accessories page. At this price you can't go wrong. Adding a BMS is so easy because the balance leads can be connected with little ring terminals. You won't need to solder anything. There is also space in there where the BMS will fit.

If you need a compact 48v battery with superior power capabilities this is perfect for you. Especially great for higher powered e-bikes but priced so low it would even be excellent for solar storage.

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