Don't get ripped off, get hooked up! Due to a high volume of orders we are currently experiencing longer than usual shipping times. We appreciate your patience!
Don't get ripped off, get hooked up! Due to a high volume of orders we are currently experiencing longer than usual shipping times. We appreciate your patience!
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40x PANASONIC 48v 13S 6.4A 307.84WH - 12.3kWh #79
40x PANASONIC 48v 13S 6.4A 307.84WH - 12.3kWh #79
40x PANASONIC 48v 13S 6.4A 307.84WH - 12.3kWh #79
40x PANASONIC 48v 13S 6.4A 307.84WH - 12.3kWh #79
Battery Hookup

40x PANASONIC 48v 13S 6.4A 307.84WH - 12.3kWh #79

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Product Weight: 320 lbs
Pallet Weight: 350 lbs
Pallet Dimensions: 24" (D) x 40" (W) x 30" (H)

This auction is for 40 of these modules. So you will get 12.3kWh of 48v modules that are balanced and ready for a BMS.

Super easy to add a BMS, already balanced and testing like new. There are tabs sticking up for each series that you can solder your balance connections to.

These are absolute BEAST Panasonic power modules. Most of our customers are using these for ebikes and solar storage. These modules have 52 cells inside. They are rated for 300wh and every module we tested has tested around full capacity. The test of one of the modules is in the 3rd photo. Since these were used as backup only they likely have never been cycled or only cycled a few times. The cells are power cells, Sanyo UR18650WX 1600mah cells manufactured by Panasonic which are 25a rated power cells. This module can push 100a. It is just built so well and it is also easy to work with. The circuit board has balancing but the board is not a BMS, it is a BMU which communicates to a main unit so you will have to add your own BMS. For a powerwall, you can add smaller BMS units to each or parallel these into one larger BMS. Of course you want to make sure each battery is the same voltage before making your connections.

The 2nd photo shows the easy BMS wiring schematic. The copper piece connecting B- to C- and the fuse will already be removed for you as well as the black wiring harness because it is not needed. You will get the modules exactly as shown in the first photo. BL stands for balance leads. BL- is the main negative balance lead. Usually the main negative balance lead wire of a BMS is white or black color. BL1 would be the 1st balance lead after the negative balance lead. All the way up to 13. So a 13s BMS will have 14 balance leads. One for the main negative and 1 for each of the cells in series positive connection. There are large solder balls on the connections already for the balance leads so you only need to use a soldering iron to heat that solder up, place the balance lead wire in the solder, then remove and let it cool. It takes seconds to connect the balance lead wires this way. The main B- and C- connect easily, just add a ring terminal and bolt those wires down. The main positive and negative connections can simply be bolted down with ring terminals as well.

Each battery module is 8 lbs.

Module size with handle is approximately 13" x 6" x 2.25"

Nominal voltage - 46.8v (3.6v per cell)
Fully charged voltage - 54.6v (4.2v per cell)
Fully discharged voltage - 36.4v (2.8v per cell)
Max continuous charge - 5a (1.25a per cell)
Max continuous discharge - 100a (25a per cell)

The bolts that fit the main connections (not included) are M6-1.0. Recommend 1/2" length. You can find them everywhere, it's a very common bolt.

These modules are built to the highest standards and you will be able to see first hand what a top notch battery assembly looks like. The balance board even has fused series connections to prevent a possible short caused by the board.

Auction Rules:

1. You must create an account or sign in to place a bid. This is to ensure the integrity of the auction.
2. Popcorn bidding is enabled to eliminate last second bids. If a bid is placed last second the time of the auction will extend for 2 minutes. If you get outbid last second you will have 2 minutes to place another bid.
3. If you win the auction an email will be immediately and automatically sent to you. If you want to set up your own shipping just choose local pickup.
4. The freight quotes in our estimator are tied into our account so they are the actual rates we get. If you win more than 1 auction of course the freight cost per pallet will be cheaper when we combine the shipment into one.
5. Local pickups Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm at 1375b Adams Rd Bensalem, PA. 19020. Weekend pickup by appointment only.
6. Our email is Phone number is 215-383-9009.
7. All auctions are final and as-is. We do our best to accurately and honestly describe the products in the auction to eliminate guessing and uncertainty.

Our goal is to create a superior auction experience. The ability to calculate freight cost before bidding was a very important feature when some other auction platforms don't offer shipping at all. We also try to palletize similar items and take the time to spot test and give a more detailed description.

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