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Battery Hookup

Regular price $29.99

These are 72ah cells testing around full capacity. On each of these batteries one of the screws doesn't screw in all the way. Something is up with the threads, you can solder these and save a lot of money. These were used in a BACKUP ESS install which means they have only been cycled a few times and maybe never cycled which is why they are testing so good. They have all been tested. We are including the bolts so you have everything you need even though one of the bolts won't thread all the way down. We only have a few of these so get them while they last.

There may be some markings from being shipped and also from us testing them.

These are LifePo4 prismatic cells which means 4 in series make a perfect 12v replacement battery and 8 in series make a perfect 24v battery. Just $39.99 each.

Fully charged voltage: 3.65
Fully discharged voltage: 2.5
Nominal voltage: 3.2
Max Continuous Charge rate: 72a (1c)
Max Continuous discharge: 144a (2c)
Weight: 4 lbs.
Dimensions: 9" x 5.25" x 1.125"