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Battery Hookup

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Looking for a plug and play 24v lifepo4 battery with bms, voltage display, and built-in circuit breaker? Look no further! This deal is hard to beat, the work is already done. Buy 1 or 100 and shipping is FREE! We are releasing limited quantities since these take a lot of time and labor to put together and we don't want to get overwhelmed. If this sells out before you get one we will release more batches as we finish assembly.

- Beautiful enclosure with wheels
- 130a continuous, 380a pulse bms with balance
- 175a Anderson connector
- Digital voltage display
- 125a circuit breaker

For those who are not comfortable adding a bms and looking for the most affordable plug and play 24v lifepo4 battery, this is it! The work is already done and done right with all the bells and whistles. All you need is a 175a Anderson connector to connect to your system and you are all set. 

If you want just the battery and want to install your own parts you can find just the battery here at Battery Hookup for $450. If you just want a battery that is ready to go, compare what is available on the market for the price per kWh and you will see this is well worth it. Many plug and play lifepo4 solutions with a bms are going for $700-$1000 per kWh and this battery hits below the $200/kWh mark.

Spec sheets are in the photos.

Please include your phone number at checkout so the trucking company can schedule delivery. The Free Shipping includes a lift gate so you do not need a forklift and you can move this around easily with the wheels. It is roughly 190 lbs. 

Fully charged 28.8v

Fully discharged 20v

Perfect for any 24v inverter.