2000W Diehl Platinum Grid-Tie Inverter 50hz

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This is the deal of a lifetime! You will not find a better deal for UL/CE listed inverters. This is a one time deal, when they are sold out you'll end up spending thousands more on similar UL/CE listed inverters.

This one is 220-240v/50hz so good for connecting to the grid in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, ect. To check if your country runs on 60hz or 50hz click here. This is what you need to properly grid-tie your solar and/or battery system.

You will need between 230-480v in solar or batteries. You can configure your solar panels or batteries in series to meet those voltages so you can reach the amazing efficiency of 96.9%!

Here are brand new in the box 2000W Diehl Platinum grid-tie inverters. These are true high quality, built to last, and CE listed inverters. These are overstock from NATO. They are waterproof and brand new in the box. Some boxes may be distressed from being stacked on a pallet but they are sealed with good padding and absolutely brand new. The boxes weight is around 65 lbs.

Installation and User Manual click here.