48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module
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48v 32ah 1539wh SPIM08HP 48.1v POWER Module

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These batteries come with a steel enclosure which can also be mounted.

For those of you looking for SPIM08HP cells this is the product you have been waiting for.

This product must ship freight which is calculated. The more you buy the cheaper it gets per battery for freight. We include residential and lift gate service. Or you can pick up for free from our Bensalem, PA location.

52 cells, busbars, holders, and already in 13s4p 48v configuration with proper compression and mounting brackets. You even get posts to add your BMS balance leads with ring terminals. This module is built to push 400 amps continuous and can pulse over 800 amps! This is a true power module, if you need a lot of power in a small space this is what you want. Or if you want to power a forklift, golf cart, EV, high power E-bikes, etc. This one battery offers more than enough power to push a standard 48v golf cart. We actually have 2 of these in parallel running one of our 48v forklifts. You should always use a BMS but many customers use the BMS for charge only then use a voltage display and run the discharge direct.

You also get 2 12v fans. If you want you can actually set up a temperature system that triggers the fans on and off. Each fan has a positive and negative wire. To power the fans with this battery you can connect the fans in series to make a 24v fan system. Use a temperature sensor to trigger the fans on and off. The fans will blow air through the enclosure as they are built for that. You can also add a heating element to these batteries which we also sell and they fit inside the hole where the fans are. In theory you could have over temp trigger just the fans and under temp trigger the fans and heating element.

These were used as backup starting power for cold climate generators. Therefore these have not cycled too many times. Likely just a few full cycles.

The fan assembly unscrews within seconds if you want to remove that part. The enclosure is just screws as well. We recommend keeping the enclosure together because it is steel and adds a nice layer of safety. Just remove the top of the case to gain access to add your BMS.

Module weight is 55 lbs.
Pack Dimensions 24" x 9" x 6" (add an inch for brackets and wiring clearance)
Fully charged voltage 54.6v
Fully discharged voltage 36.4v

The busbars are copper and depending on the temperature amperage rating you can easily push much higher than we stated earlier. The cells themselves being in 4p configuration in theory can be charged up to 480 amps and can discharge at 800 amps. Of course we don't recommend to push any battery to their maximum levels. Also these are not your typical 300-800 cycle lithium cells, these are rated for over 2000 cycles and many of our customers have built these cells into their own modules before we were finally able to negotiate getting the entire modules with the busbars and holders.



Material Li-ion

Typical capacity 8-9AH
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Weight around 300g
Dimensions of cell body: 9x138X190mm
Dimensions of cell with tabs 9x138X210mm

Dimensions of cell holder:6 & 5/8th x 5 & 5/8th by 3/8th inches 

Internal Resistance ≤0.8mΩ

Max Charge Rate 120A
Recommend Continuous Discharge Rate 200A
Pulse Discharge Rate(3 seconds) 400A
Fully Charged voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut off voltage 2.5V
Working Charge Temp 0~50°C
Working Discharge Temp –20°C~50°C
Storage Temperature –20°C~50°C
e-bikes, powerwalls, car audio, golf
carts, forklifts, UPS, solar system, etc.
Cycle life
2000 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD
under normal temperature
safety, environment-friendly, high
discharge current, low capacity loss,
super-long cycle life.

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