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Tripp-Lite 24v 864wh Lead Acid BP24V36-2US

Battery Hookup

Regular price $99.99

For those of you looking for an easy 24v or 48v battery and still enjoy Lead Acid batteries, this is the greatest option. These are $500 brand new elsewhere, we have them brand new for just $99.99. You can stack these the way they are or in a server rack.

To series wire just plug the positive connector of one into the negative wire of the next one to make 48v. Or to parallel just plug the two wires of one into the receiver connections of the other.

The module is 24v 36ah and uses 8x 12v 9ah batteries already connected in 2s4p. This is a plug and play powerwall. Each module can handle 75a and comes with Anderson 75a PP75 connectors which you can slide off of each other to make a series connection.

This unit is built the right way. I know lithium is the new thing now but if you are set on Lead Acid this is the absolute greatest brand for Lead Acid power. Tripp-Lite is trusted by our medical industry and our military.

At 24v and 75 amps each one of these can push 1800w. If you series connect 2 of these you can have a 48v setup that can run a 3600w inverter.

The weight is around 70 lbs. Below are all the specs.


BP24V36-2US rackmount external battery pack offers extended battery runtime when used in conjunction with expandable 24V Tripp Lite rackmount UPS systems. Includes heavy gauge cabling with high current DC connector for safe, simple installation. Included daisychain connector enables the connection of additional compatible 24V external battery packs to the host UPS. Included mounting accessories support 2U rackmount installation in 4 post racks.