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Battery Hookup

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If you have been looking for a 48v battery, the search is OVER!

These beautiful and powerful Samsung lithium ion 14s modules are 3kWh and made of Samsung 60ah cells. These were used as ESS BACKUP ONLY and are0testing 100%. Which means these have only been cycled a few times or never cycled at all. We include the bolts. You will need a BMS but it is super easy to connect your bms leads. As you can see in the other photos there is a cover on the top as well and the tabs pop off easy with a flat head screw driver. The circuit board you see communicates to another computer and provides balancing so you will need to add a BMS. Simply connect a Daly BMS or any 14s BMS of your choice and you are all ready to go. It is rare to find 14s modules like this at this price and especially rare to find modules that are testing like new.

These are perfect to be used for powerwalls, EV, golf cart, forklift, ebikes, etc.

Fully tested, balanced, and guaranteed!

Fully charged: 58.8v
Fully discharged: 39.2v
Nominal: 50.4v
Max continuous charge: 60a
Max continuous discharge: 180a
Total capacity: 3kWh
Weight: 35 lbs.
Dimensions: 17.5" x 6" x 4.5"