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LG Chem 8s 29.2v 120ah 3.5kWh

Battery Hookup

Regular price $350.00

Just $100/kWh on these LG Chem batteries that test like new! While they last! These are the best of the best on the market. Perfect for EV, powerwalls, golf carts, forklifts, etc.

These are batteries that were specifically made for a forklift fleet but the bolts on the main housing didn't line up properly to the frame. So these cells have never been cycled. The packs are beautiful and the price has never been this low on batteries testing around full capacity like these. Every cell is balanced and we are even guaranteeing these for 1 year. Main positive and negative bolts are included! You can simply add a cable ring terminal to these.

Each pack is 8s2p using LG Chem 60ah cells. You have access to the balance leads as well. The two black wires are for the temp sensors and the other 9 will be for your balance leads. You can connect two of these in series and make a 16s 7kWh powerwall.

Nominal voltage: 29.2v (3.65v per cell)
Fully charged voltage: 33.6v
Fully discharged voltage: 22.4v
Standard charge current: 40a
Max charge current: 120a
Standard discharge current: 120a
Max discharge current (10 seconds): 360a
Cycle life at .5c (60a) rate: 3000 cycles to 80%
Dimensions: 16" x 8" x 6"
Weight: 40 lbs.

Check the photos for more closeup images. There is no BMS included in this pack but you have easy access to the balance leads and main terminals. We always recommend using Daly brand BMS. 8s lithium ion or 16s lithium ion if you want to use this for a higher 48v/60v application.

 If you have a 48v inverter that allows for input up to 64v you use two of these in series and charge each cell up to 4v. The battery cycle life will almost triple and you will get 85% of the capacity. These packs will last you a long time because they are not degraded. It's rare that we come across name brand batteries for this price that test like new.