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BMW 12s 43.2v 62.5ah 2.7kWh Samsung

Battery Hookup

Regular price $270.00

Here are amazing BMW 12s Samsung 2.7kWh lithium ion battery modules that are testing over 90% of original capacity! Just $100/kWh here at Battery Hookup. BMW batteries at Kia prices! Each module uses 12x 62.5ah Samsung prismatic lithium ion cells in series. This pack is an absolute beast!

There is no BMS included. We recommend using a Daly brand 12s lithium ion BMS. You have easy access to the battery busbars to make your connections. The plastic lid pops right off super easy. Every pack is tested and every cell voltage is the same.

We recommend limiting discharge to 300a continuous and 600a pulse. Charge recommendations are 180a charge rates.

Fully charged: 50.4v (4.2v per cell)
Fully Discharged: 33.6v (2.8v per cell)
Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 6"
Weight: 63 lbs.