Neato Botvac battery modules with 4x Sanyo 18650
Neato Botvac battery modules with 4x Sanyo 18650
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Neato Botvac battery modules with 4x Sanyo 18650

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These modules have 4x Sanyo 2100mah cells inside. These are the good cells, not the heater model.

The packs are Neato Botvac batteries part number 205-0013 and they come with 2 pieces of Lead for counterbalance (as seen in the 2nd photo). You can actually make good money testing these and jumping the low packs or replacing the cells and selling them.

Each pack weighs around 13 ounces. We opened up about 100 packs and tested the cells and on average we got around 90% capacity with only a few bad cells that did not take a charge. Most packs just had low voltage cells that took a charge and tested great. These are super easy to open, just unwrap the shrink. You also get good scrap value out of these with the wiring harness, lead, and circuit boards. The cells are in 4s configuration.

Overall great value for the money. We did not want to sell these by the pound with the mixed 18650 packs because of the lead weights in them. Obviously if you are buying batteries by the pound and you get packs with lead in them that would suck. So we are just selling them by the piece here for cheap. The price per kilowatt you will get out of these is excellent especially when you figure in the scrap value.

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