2 pack - 48v 10ah Lectric E-bike battery 13s - 17" Short Nose
2 pack - 48v 10ah Lectric E-bike battery 13s - 17" Short Nose
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2 pack - 48v 10ah Lectric E-bike battery 13s - 17" Short Nose

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Note: These batteries come in 2 sizes. 17" and 18.5" long. These are the modules with the 17" short nose.

For this price you get 2 of these batteries.

These are beautiful Ebike batteries recovered from ebikes. They use top quality cells in all of the packs. These packs range from 9.6-10.4ah. Every battery is checked to have good voltage and be in working condition. They have a 20a BMS on them already and if you don't want to use the original connector just remove the screws on the lid and open it up. You will see the red and black charge/discharge wires and you can add your own connector there. We don't have the actual physical key for the lock on the battery case so we bypassed it. Now the BMS is active and working like normal. If you find a physical key to turn the lock on and off you can reconnect the 2 white wires that go to the key.

These batteries are clean and come in an aluminum enclosure. They are not dirty and were not used too much so you can expect these to have a lot of life left in them. The cells are in 13s configuration. Also would be a great option for solar storage. Just charge them all up and parallel them together.

We recommend to limit the charge to 2a per module (0.2c) and discharge to 15a (1.5c) per module.

At this price it is worth it for just the cells. You get the cell holders, BMS, and enclosure on top of it. Overall just an amazing value.

Module charge up to 54.6v (4.2v per cell) and discharge down to 36.4v (2.8v per cell).

Module dimensions 17" x 4" x 1.75"

Module weight 6.7 lbs

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